YongMing He,B.Sc

Laboratory of Visual Intelligence and Pattern Analysis
Computer Science Department
Zhejiang University

Office Room 404, Guangbiao Cao West Building
Email yongminghe_eric AT qq.com


Currently, I am a senior student of English plus Software engineering in Wuhan Institute of Technology. I will graduate in 2019 and have admitted to study for a M.Eng degree in Zhejiang University without entrance examination. A member of AZFT group.

Research Interest

Currently, my research interests include: Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Awards & Honors

National Scholarship, 2017

National Endeavor Scholarship, 2016

Meritorious Winner in Mathematical Contest In Modeling, 2018

The second price of The Challenge Cup Competition in Hubei province, 2017


HE Yongming, YAO Man, QIAO Hui, ZHANG Zhi, Research on the Precision Poverty Alleviation in Liulin River Village of Hong’an County, 2018,31(01):120-122.