Jie Lei,Postdoctoral

Laboratory of Visual Intelligence and Pattern Analysis
Computer Science Department
Zhejiang University

Office Room 404, Guangbiao Cao West Building
Email ljaylei AT zju.edu.cn


Currently I am a postdoctor of Department of Computer Science and Technology in Zhejiang University and a member of VIPA Group, led by professor Mingli Song.

I received my B.Sc. degree of Software Enginerring in June 2012 and and Ph.D degree of Computer Science in June 2018 from Zhejiang University, respectively.

Research Interest

Currently my research interests include: Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Awards & Honors

Outstanding Graduate Student of Zhejiang University, 2013-2017

Bachelor of Zhejiang University with Honors, 2012

Google Excellent Student Scholarship, 2011

National Scholarship, 2010

First Class Scholarship, 2009-2011


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