Chang Xu, B.Eng. 2019

Laboratory of Visual Intelligence and Pattern Analysis
Computer Science Department
Zhejiang University

Office Room 404, Guangbiao Cao West Building
Email xcvoyager AT


I'm currently a first-year graduate student in Arizona State(ASU) University pursuing an Master of Science in Computer Science(MSCS) degree.

received my B.Eng degree in Department of Computer Science and Technology in Zhejiang University(ZJU) in June 2019, advised by Prof.Mingli Song.

I worked as a Research Assistant(RA) from July 2018 to May 2019 in Laboratory of Visual Intelligence and Pattern Analysis(VIPA) in ZJU.

Research Interest

Currently my research interests include: Natural Language Processing, Lip Reading Task and Data Mining.

Awards & Honors

Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award, ZJU, 2019